1923 renewed for season 2: Another spin-off series in works under Yellowstone universe

1923, which is a spin-off series in the universe of Yellowstone, has been approved for its second season. Fellow series 1883 is also in works and Yellowstone will be returning with its fifth season, the Yellowstone universe will go on for a while.

The series 1923 which is a spin-off and prequel of Yellowstone is set to return with its second installment. The Harrison Ford-Helen Mirren led story will continue to chronicle the domain, corruption, and influence of the Dutton family as they try to survive historical events such as drought, pandemic, and the echoes of the prohibition era.

The announcement comes in on Friday by Paramount+, but it is not quite a surprise. 1923 series is yet another title which confirmed the loyalty of Yellowstone fans. The renewal isn’t a surprise as the series pilot episode had gained over 7 million viewers across the streaming service platform. Moreover, the series has been critically acclaimed for its cinematography, story and performances.

Why was 1923 renewal for season two expected for long time?

Show’s creator Taylor Sheridan in an interview to Deadline had accepted that after mapping the first eight episodes of the first season, he realised that he needed some more episodes to tell the story of Dutton family in his own way. Paramount promptly gave Sheridan his fair share of episode, which has cost them an additional quarter billion dollars. However, this proved that the streaming service has invested trust into Sheridan’s work completely.

What lies for the future of Yellowstone universe?

The viewers are well aware that 1923 is a spin-off and hence expanding the universe of Yellowstone. Another series 1883, which starred Sam Elliot, Faith Gill, and Tim McGraw is also one of the series of the same universe. While the series 1923 still has four more episodes to premier, the flagship series Yellowstone is projected to continue with its fifth season, so we can be assured that it will keep on rolling for a foreseeable future.