‘Bosch’ universe: Amazon Studio begin work on additional two spinoff series, to focus on Detective Renee Ballard

Amazon Studios decides to capitalise on its existing series Bosch. The network will be adding more than one spinoff series to expand the Bosch universe and will focus on works of Detective Renee Ballard.

Amazon Studios has just announced that it will be expanding its universe of Bosch. Currently, there already exist a spinoff series Bosch: Legacy which has been renewed for its season two on Freeve. Additionally two more Bosch spinoffs has been added to the docket. One of the new spinoffs which is currently untitled will follow Detective Renee Ballard in her work in the cold case division of the LAPD.

The flagship series Bosch premiered in 2014 and aired its final season in 2021 which makes it one of the longest running series of Prime Video. The series based on a book series by Michael Connelly had left quite an impact on its viewers.

The current spinoff series has been focusing on LAPD detective Harry Bosch and his various cases. The new untitled spinoff series will be bringing in a new character and detective named Detective Renee Ballard and her work in LAPD’s cold case division. The new series is based on the based on books of Bosch detective series author, Connelly. Renee will use lessons learned from her retired mentor Harry Bosch who help her solve the cases through unconventional tactics.

Along with the spinoff of Renee, another spinoff was also announced which also remains untitled. Its plot is set in far from Los Angeles, in Miami, Florida. The growing popularity of Bosch series is evidently enough for expanding its universe and capitalising on the existing successful products.