Emily In Paris Season 4 release date: Here’s what we know so far

Emily in Paris is rumoured to have season 4. The rumours has been surfacing online ever since the release of its third season.

The rom-com drama Emily in Paris is what we are dying to see. Ever since the premier of its third season on December 1, 2022, the fans have been eager to know when Netflix will drop its season four. The actual question is, ‘Is Darren Star creating season 4 of Emily in Paris?’ There are a lot of rumours surrounding the upcoming season of the rom-com drama starring Emily Collins.

The warm, friendly, and workaholic Emily Cooper tends to land herself in troubles repeatedly. Season 3 showed us how billionaire heiress Mindy overcame her stage fear. She flew to Paris, leaving behind her father’s expectations in Shanghai, for a new start. Hopefully, we will see more of their friendship in season 4.

Is there season 4 for Emily in Paris?

It has been long time since we have been asking the same question. There were a lot of rumours regarding the same but we need confirmation. Thanks to Netflix, it has been confirmed that the season four will happen. The eager fans can take a trip down the memory lane and visit the time when season two was premiered. While announcing the renewal of the series for its season three, the streaming giant had also confirmed its season four. However, we are not sure if there will be a season 5.

Emily in Paris Season 4: Rumored release date

Since season three aired in December 21, there has been no news of the upcoming seasons and fans have been eager to get their hands on any piece of information relating to it. It is expected that the season four might hit the streaming giant in winter of 2023.

Will Emily and Gabriel end up together?

‘Will Gabriel and Emily end up together?’ is one of the most asked question. As the viewers are aware that season 3 saw the wedding between Gabriel and Camille, but the bride ran away from the church, but not before disclosing her pact with Emily to Gabriel. Camille also announces how she could see the passion between Gabriel and Emily. Hearing this, Alfie breaks up with Emily, so that she can be with Gabriel. Post the wedding, which has gone wrong, Gabriel reveals to Emily that Camille is pregnant with his child. Talk of cliffhanger, huh?