Lockwood & Co: Netflix renewal status for season 2 and what we know so far

Will Netflix renew Lockwood & Co or will it meet the same fate as fellow series of the same genre? Check out the details

One of the major premiers of Netflix is Lockwood & Co. After the show’s successful first season, the series certainly sets up for a second season but will it get one?

The supernatural series, created by Joe Cornish, is an eight-episode British series that follows the first two books in the Jonathan Stroud books.

Will there be new season for Lockwood & Co?

The reviews from the critics has been strong for the series, but despite those reviews, Netflix has not yet confirmed the renewal of the series. It has been predicted that the series is heading towards cancellation.

Its been over three weeks since the premier of Lockwood & Co but there has been no update whether the series will return with another installment.

The decision to renew series is supported by many factors such as completion rate, number of starters, and cost. In case of Lockwood & Co, it seems that the series will be scrapped as it witness a massive fall in its viewership from weeks 2 to 3.

We should also take into notice that the genre under which the series fall, the streaming giant is struggling with that particular genre. Last year, we saw cancellation of The Midnight Club, Resident Evil, The Imperfects, First Kill, The Bastard Son & The Devil Himself, as none of the series went beyond season one. But will the trend continue for 2023?

What to expect from season 2 of Lockwood & Co?

Since the series has been adapting the books in order, logically it will adapt next one or two entries for the upcoming season. For those unfamiliar, the season two will likely see the adaption of The Hollow Boy and/or The Creeping Shadow, which leaves The Empty Grave for a future season.

Digital Spy has pointed out that the upcoming season will unravel the events on how exactly Lockwood’s parents dies. It will be slowly revealed throughout the series but there is more to the story than what meets our eyes.