Outer Banks season 3: The wait is over as the release date and trailer is here

Outer Banks to return on Netflix with its season three. We have summarized the fans theories on what to expect from the upcoming season.

The fans will be thrilled to learn that Outer Banks will coming back for its third season. Even though, the show is labelled as teen show, the activities it showcase is nothing related to teens. The series premiered with season 1 in 2020 and ever since then it has only witnessed an increase in its popularity.

Outer Banks season 3: Announcement

It was announced on December 8th of 2021 as the official Twitter handle of Outer Banks released a video of one of the cast members announcing season 3. The fans have been eager since then to get their hands on any update relating the show.

Outer Banks season 3: Release Date & Teaser

Its been more than  a year since the announcement for season 3 has been made. The fans obviously had a lot of time cooking up theories on what to expect from the upcoming season. However many of those were ruled out as the new teaser was dropped. Although that did not stop the fans from buzzing out.

The preview features the Pogues relaxing on the island while John B. quotes his pops, “Nothing good comes easy, nothing worthy is given. The question is, what are you willing to do to win? How far will you go to get your treasure?” Chills! Literal chills!

If you are heading to the official social media account to look for its release date, we got you. The upcoming season will release on February 23, 2023, the show will air on Netflix. It is still couple of weeks for the release, so we would suggest re-watching the previous seasons to be ready for Outer Banks season 3.