So Help Me Todd season 2: CBS gives approval for renewal after successful run of first season

So Help Me Todd receives approval for second installment months after its premier in September. The mother-son relationship comedy drama to return on CBS.

CBS has given a green light for season 2 of So Help Me Todd. Ever since its premier in September last year, the series has managed to create a space for itself in the hearts of its viewers as it displays an iconic relationship of mother and her son. Margaret and Todd charmed their fans with their banter, making it a show that everyone should watch.

The first season the show had a pretty good run as it scored over 6.3 million views per episode, growing to 7.4 million with live views. CBS Entertainment president Amy Reisenbach, while talking about show’s success, said that the actors Marcia Gay Harden and Skylar Austin delighted the viewers with their chemistry. She added that it was the unique blend of legal drama and comedy which led to series success.

The series So Help Me Todd is a dramedy which follows the story of Todd and his mother Margaret. While the mother is a meticulous attorney who got to her peak by doing everything by the book, her son is a laid-back, rule breaking, quick-thinking detective, so calling the duo opposites of each other would have been an understatement.

The show starts with Todd losing his detective license, resulting in jobless. He gets hired by his mother as an in-house investigator for her firm. As the series progresses, it quickly became clear that there will be problems between the two as they will have to work together. The series gets funnier as Todd’s unconventional methods clashes with Margaret’s by-the-book way of doing things.