Three Pines renewed for season 2? Here’s what we know about Amazon’s series

Despite of good performance by Three Pines season 1, the fate of its future leaves hanging by a thread. Will it be renewed for new season by Amazon?

Three Pines is a murder mystery series which is laid out the same way as something like Midsomer Murders. The story revolves around Gamache arriving in rather idyllic village of Quebec, Canada, and uncovers series of murders with his companions Isabella and Jean-Guy.

Apart from the murders, the show also tackles with a secondary plot which unweaves across the second season. The disappearance of an Indigenous woman called Blue sees Gamache pulled in either directions, separate to uncover the truth.

Has Three Pines been renewed for season 2?

At the time of writing, the series were not renewed for the second season. Considering the nature of the series and the number of Louise Penny books there are, this could well change.

Similar to any other streaming service, Amazon takes into consideration various factors such as how many people initially watched and the drop-off rate. Usually it takes months before reaching the decision on whether to cancel or renew the show, but there are some exceptions such as for Bridgerton and Irregulars, wherein the renewal was announced sooner than expected.

Speaking of Three Pines, the series has been performing good as the reactions from the audience and critics are alike. Although there has been some complains regarding the abrupt endings of few cases.

Anyway, considering the performance, we think it is safe to say that Amazon will renew the series for new season.

What do we know about Three Pines Season 2?

Since Amazon has yet not renewed the series, it is difficult to say what we expect from the new season. Despite Amazon’s shaky track with renewing the series, we’re predicting that its a green light for this one.

It is also expected that Amazon will make an official announcement in couple of months to confirm the renewal of Three Pines.