Waterloo Road’s Donte is stunned by warning in 7 huge spoiler for next week

Waterloo Road spoilers warning! Samia to take stand against misogyny in upcoming episode and face the consequences of her actions. Donte to be warned of his behaviour.

Next week on Waterloo Road, Donte must deal his emotional fallout to learning the truth about Chlo’s death.

On the other hand, Samia will be taking a stand against the misogyny pupils, while Danny reunited with his wayward mother.

Here’s a full collection of seven big moments coming up:

1. Donte receives an ultimatum

Donte is called into a meeting with Kim and Joe where he meets the consequences of his destructive outburst in the school car park, as a reaction to Coral’s involvement in Chlo’s death.

He will be advised by Kim to attend an anger management course, in order to keep his job, as such behaviour is unacceptable.

2. Donte’s action could have further consequences

Kim decides not to inform the Local Education Authority about Donte’s criminal behaviour as she fears that it might look bad on Waterloo Road as the incident occurred on school premises.

3. Samia makes surprising discovery

Samia receives a shock on walking on to her best friend Kelly-Jo and school troublemaker Dean making out in the classroom.

Samia does not hold back from expressing her views as she suggest that Kelly-Jo deserves better. This sparks tension between the friends as Kelly-Jo believes that Samia is being unfair and judgmental.

4. Tonya exposes misogyny at the school

Tonya confides with Samia about how some of the boys have been using an offensive group chat to rate the girls based on their appearance. As Samia further investigates, she learns that various year groups are involved.

The discovery made by Samia worsens the tensions between her and Kelly-Jo as she shares her suspicions that Dean is the ringleader behind the misogynistic behaviour.

5. Samia takes a stand

Samia reports the boys’ offensive behaviour to deputy headteacher Lindon. She is frustrated when she feels that she is not being taken seriously.

Students of Waterloo Road receive series of shock when the truth about who’s involved in the group chat comes to light. This may change some relationships forever.

Samia decides to take stand for what’s right by protesting at boy’s basketball match. Her action leaves Lindon uncomfortable, but what will Kim make of it all?

6. Danny’s mum turns up

Danny is pleased to reconnect with his mum Marie when she pays a visit.

Former Emmerdale and Bad Girls actress Alicya Eyo appears as a guest star for the role of Marie.

For a moment Danny believes that things have changed with his mum as she seems genuinely interested into what’s going on with him.

However, when Marie mentions about the money Danny stole from her boyfriend, Vinnie, he learns that she has an ulterior motive to visit him.

7. Kai throws a party

Since Kai’s parents are out of town, he takes up this opportunity to throw a house party for his friends and classmates.

There are some unexpected event at the party especially with Danny as his past comes back to haunt him.