Wednesday Addams’ love life: Emma Myer hints at love angle between Enid and Wednesday

Emma Myers of Wednesday feels that it is required for Wednesday Addams to remain single in season two. There might be a possibility of love angle between the two best friends.

Ever since its release, Wednesday has topped the charts of the streaming giant Netflix. Everyone who watches TV has at least heard about the hit show, if not seen it yet. The fantasy drama series has surpassed the records of Stranger Things. Wednesday revolves around the life and adventures of Addams family, specifically the character Wednesday Addams. The series is lead by the Jenna Ortega of Scream and she has received immense praise for her portrayal, earning herself a Golden Globe nomination.

But its not just Jenna that make the show worthwhile, she’s joined by an excellent cast that includes Gwendoline Christie of Game of Thrones, Fred Armisen, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Luis Guzman and more. Jenna’s on-screen bestfriend, the werewolf Enid Sinclair also received immense applause for her role. Fans have adored their friendship so much that a certain section of them have shipped the two romantically, with the name Wenclair, even though there is already a romantic angle for Enid. In season 1, Wednesday was involved in a love triangle involving Percy White’s character Xavier and Hunter Doohan’s Tyler.

Emma Myers feels the need for Wednesday to remain single in season 2

Emma Myers, who played the role of Enid, in an interaction with Variety shares that she feels Wednesday “needs to take her season of singleness.” Emma added that as much as she enjoyed the season 1 of Wednesday, she was disappointed with the love triangle subplot. She feels that the whole subplot brought the show down a bit and she would like to see Wednesday remain solo for a while. However, she also stated that she doesn’t mind Wednesday having a female love interest at some point.

Emma Myers on possibility of ‘Wenclair’

While Emma says that Wednesday is required to remain single for sometime, she seems to have no issue with her getting involved with a female. On being asked, if there could be a love angle between Enid and Wednesday, she says, “anything is possible.”

However, Emma assures that she is not aware of the game plan as she is been kept in the dark regarding the same and has no clue about any characters’ development.