Dexter’s villain The Trinity Killer bags its own prequel spin-off as network reportedly begins production

The Trinity Killer from Dexter gets its own spin-off series. Considered as one of the most lethal villain, he is set to take the Dexter franchise forward.

A Dexter spinoff series about the Trinity Killer is reportedly in development. Dexter follows the story of Michael C. Hall who is a serial killer, who preys on other killers. Originally airing from 2006 to 2013 for eight seasons, it returned in 2021 to give a proper ending to the beloved ending after the finale, Dexter: New Blood turned out to be quite a disappointment. Although, Dexter: New Blood season 1 was the most watched series of Showrunner, they won’t be returning with its season two. Rather the streaming giant, in collaboration with Paramount+, will be moving forward with multiple prequels, one of which is focusing on a young Dexter.

Day after the Dexter: New Blood season 2 was cancelled in favour of prequel on young Dexter, The Wall Street Journal has reported that the network is also exploring separate spinoffs based on the backstories of famous characters from Dexter series, one of them being the Trinity Killer.

Why The Trinity Killer is getting its own spin-off series?

Trinity Killer is one of the most famous villain ever produced by Dexter and it is played by six-time Emmy winner John Lithgow. Arthur Mitchell, who based his killings on three traumatic events from his childhood served a primary antagonist of Dexter season 4, which was later considered as the best season of the series. Dexter managed to kill Mitchell in the end of the season but not before losing his wife to the serial killer, which impacts the rest of the series and its eventual revival.

John Lithgow was featured in a brief flashback during Dexter: New Blood episode 7. It now seems that the villain got his own series which will explore the path on what made him into a Trinity Killer. It is expected that the spin-off will showcase his traumatic childhood including the death of his family.

It is not yet confirmed if Lithgow will reprise his role of Trinity Killer in the series as the creators are likely to opt for a younger actor.