In Love All Over Again: Spanish Netflix Originals romantic series renewed for season 2?

In Love All Over Again receives overwhelming response for first season. Is this enough for renewal of season two?

In Love All Over Again is a Spanish series created by Carlos Montero. The series aired on Valentine’s Day and gained audience’s love. The internet has been buzzing with Julio and Irena’s love story and the fans have been desperate to learn more about them after a spectacular ending of season one.

So now the question is, will there be new season for Spanish drama? If you are one those eager fans, you have come the right place as we have answers to some of your questions.

Is In Love All Over Again renewed for season 2?

The one thing which anyone is familiar with the series will agree that the series will be a big hit. This is because the fans are stunned with the chemistry showed by Julio and Irena and how can we miss the beautiful storyline and of course its simplicity too.

Despite of the show gaining love and showing an increase in its viewership ever since it’s release on February 14, 2023, Netflix has still not confirmed its renewal. Given that the series is showing positive results, our predictions have been inclined towards green light. We mean that the series might get renewed for second season, but we can’t be sure because nothing has been made official yet.

In Love All Over Again recap for season 1

The series follows Irena who moved to Madrid aspiring to become a film director. She is in long distance relationship with her boyfriend Fer. Once she sets foot into film school, she wishes to cast Julio for the lead in her short film. At one afterparty, she offers Julio the role and he politely accepts it. The air between them shifts when a bomb goes off in Madrid, which forces Fer to come for her from Castellon. After Julio invites her to an event, she decline it, assuming that all he wants is arm candy.

They drift apart and years later, Irena is set to marry her longtime on and off boyfriend Fer. On her wedding day, she finally finds the courage to watch the film Julio made for her. Post watching the film, she leaves an emotional message for him. Before her wedding ceremony, Julio walks up the aisle demanding a minute with Irena. He reveals that he has been offered a role in big film but he will agree on it only if Irena is the film director. With that, season finale rolled in bidding us goodbye with glimpses of confused Irena.