Never Have I Ever season 4: The final season is coming to Netflix in February 2023

Devi enters the senior year with Never Have I Ever season 4 and it surely won’t be a easy year for her.

The high school drama Never Have I Ever will be returning for its final season which is season 4. The viewers have been eager to know the future of the series as they are invested in the life of Devi. Sadly, the viewers will have to wait a little longer as the final will not be premiering any time soon. On positive note, we have compiled all the information available regarding the upcoming season, so keep reading to find out more.

When will Never Have I Ever season 4 premier on Netflix?

The Netflix Original series has received a green light for the season 4, but it has not received an exact release date. It is certain that the final season won’t be hitting the streaming giant till February 2023.

Fortunately, someone has hinted that the fourth and final season will be dropped sometime around summer of 2023. This means that we can expect the announcement of release date by May if the series is to release between July and August of 2023. However, the dates are merely just speculations and nothing has been confirmed by any officials yet.

What to expect from Never Have I Ever Season 4?

The show will meet its end with season 4, after which we will have to bid goodbye to Devi and her friends. In the video which announced the renewal of fourth season, it was hinted that the final season won’t be easy for Devi.

They did not reveal any major detail from the plot of season 4 but it hinted at an unexpected wedding. While everyone is assuming that Paxton is off to college, yes, but he will still be appearing for the final season. There is also an addition to the list of cast enrolled Michael Cimino to be the newest heartthrob at Sherman Oaks High.