Never Let Me Go to not stream on HULU: Series cancelled at FX

Based on the movie of same name Never Let Me Go scrapped before the streaming service HULU began its productions.

Less than a year after being picked as a series by FX, Never Let Me Go, is no longer moving forward. The series is an adaption of 2010 movie which starred Andrew Garfield, Keira Knightly, and Carey Mulligan. The development was started by FX in 2022 and was planned to exclusively air on Hulu. However, the streaming service did not begin its productions before it was scrapped.

The series was based on Kazuo Ishiguro’s novel with the same name and the 2010 movie which was directed by Mark Romanek and Alex Garland. Orgin and The Nevers TV writer Melissa Iqbal was to serve as a writer and a showrunner on the now cancelled show.

The details regarding the production was not revealed. Although the cast was finalised as Viola Prettejohn was to lead the TV show. It would have been also featured Tracey Ullman, ,Kelly Macdonald, Spike Fearn, Kwami Odoom, Ayish Hart, Shaniqua Okwok, Edward Holcroft, Keira Chanse, Gary Beadle, and Susan Brown.

Never Let Me Go follows the story of a rebellious teen who escapes his boarding and is living incognito in the outside world. She unwittingly sets in motion a series of event that will spark a revolution. The story prompts philosophical questions as to what is defined as a human being and how far the humans are willing to go to survive.

The genre of the series can be suggested to be sci-fi thriller. The plot was set on the 1990s England where civilisation thrives as the lives of citizens are prolonged due to state sanctioned program of human cloning. The clones are forced to make huge donations in terms of human organs despite having thoughts and emotions of their own.

Though the series Never Let Me Go is scrapped, the viewers can still watch the 2010 movie which available for streaming on Amazon Prime Video.