Oscar Isaac describes as return of Moon Knight with Season Two: “Pleasant”

Moon Light and MCU might have something cooking for the audience. Did you really thought that the superhero got its neat and tidy ending?

In a surprising turn of event, Oscar Isaac in an interview with Comicbook.com revealed that “there have been some specific conversations” about his future as Moon Knight that were “pleasant.” While talking about how the talks for Season Two were ongoing, he is not quite sure if Moon Knight will earn itself a “film or whatever it could be.”

Are there any plans for the future of Egyptian hero in MCU’s future?

Although there has been no official statement regarding the same, but we might have an answer to that question. Lately in August, we stumbled upon a TikTok that might have spilled the beans announcing Season Two. In the TikTok posted to Moon Knight’s director Mohamed Diab’s Twitter, a girl can be seen asking him if there will be another season of MCU series. He pretends to be confused and then the camera pans to Isaac who says, “Why else would we be in Cairo?”

Here’s everything we know about the future of Moon Knight!

When will the Moon Knight Season Two premier?

Unfortunately, there haven’t been much revealed by Marvel. However it is expected that the Moon Knight will be invited by the Marvel back to the superhero sandbox for an adventure alongside the character’s partners-in-crime-fighting. Many of the fans are expecting that Steven Grant/Jake Lockey/Marc Specter will pay a visit to Blade or Black Knight before Disney rolls out the season two of Moon Knight. Anyway, the exit of director Bassam Tariq has pushed back the reboot till 2024.

What to expect from Moon Knight Season Two?

In the series finale of season one we see that Marc Specter’s third and latest identity pick up Arthur Harrow from the psychiartic hospital and shoot him after shoving him into a limo. We have no clue or whether or not this is reversible or imagined death but we do know that Lockey’s character is ripped from the comic books. Historically he has been the most lethal personality of Moon Knight. That being said, you can expect an internal war between Lockey and Spector/Grant.