P-Valley season 3 release date and expected plot: Cast opens up on renewal of the series for third season

P-Valley actors gives green light for the renewal of the third season. There is no official announcement but the plot of the series has showed potential for third season.

P-Valley focus on the strip club, The Pynk, which is set in the fictional Mississippi city of Chucalissa. The series revolve around the story of Uncle Clifford, who owns the club, and the dancers who perform there notably Hailey Colton aka Autumn Night. The series reflects the bonds they create, the issues they face together.

When will P-Valley season 3 release?

The second season of P-Valley released in June 2022 and ran through August 2022. The season consisted of 10 episodes, each with runtime of between 51 to 60 minutes. Its been more than six months since the season two hit the Starz streaming service, and still there is no update with its renewal for season three.

However, the actors have stated that they would like to comeback for a potential third season. It was shared by J. Alphonse, who plays the role of Lil Murda, that it is likely that Starz will approve the third season. Brandee Evans also shared her wish to comeback for the third season.

Uncle Clifford actor Nicco Anna stated that Starz is awaiting the statistics of the performance of the second season of P-Valley, only then they can take decision for its third installment. Another actor Nicholson also gave a green light for the third season as he believes that the streaming service is invested in supporting the stories of Black women so they will continue to the series.

What to expect from P-Valley season 3?

It is expected that the series will began with Diamond being questioned by Montavius’ gang member about the murder. He will do everything in his power from admitting the murder, in fact he might even help them find the missing Hailey. Patrice is gearing up to begin her tenure as a mayor-elect by manipulating pawns in the opposition to the Promised Land’s development.

Who all cast members will return for P-Valley season 3?

If the series is to return for it’s third installment, Brandee Evan is confirmed to reprise her role of Mercedes Woodbine. Other actors who will evidently be reprising their roles are Nicco Annan as Uncle Clifford, Shannon Thornton as Keyshawn/Miss Mississippi and J. Alphonse as Lil Murda. Parker Sawyer and Jordan Cox are also expected to return with their character of Andre Watkins and Derrick respectively. While Tyler Lepley’s Diamond and Harriett D. Foy’s Patrice will return for the third season, Elarica Johnson’s return is uncertain as her character Hailey has quit the show.