Riverdale season 7: Release date, plot, and everything you should about the final season

Archie and his gang is coming back with Riverdale season 7 to solve the time travel mystery.

Riverdale has achieved the milestone of airing 100 episodes and is confirmed for seventh and last season. It is sad to see The Archies comics adaption coming to an end after all these years, but for what’s worth, it had a good run. There is still enough for anyone to binge watch before the seventh season releases.

When will Riverdale Season 7 release on Netflix?

It was reported by TVLine that the series won’t be returning till midseason of premier season of 2023. This means that the season might hit the streaming giant in sometime in May 2023.

As for The CW, the network will begin airing the new episodes on March 29, 2023 and is scheduled to wrap it up by August 23, 2023.

What storyline to expect from Riverdale Season 7?

In the previous season of Riverdale, the fans were left flabbergasted with the introduction of supernatural elements into the ambitious storyline. The fans are introduced to an alternative world called “Riverdale.” In the wake of the bomb explosion in season 5, Archie and his friends unravel that they are bestowed with mysterious superpowers.

With the help of their newfound superpowers, Archie and his gang stops the powerful Percival Pickens from debilitating the town as a way of taking revenge for the town’s ancestors. In order to destroy the comet sent by Percival, Cheryl combines everyone’s powers to take the gang back in the 1950s as teenagers.

With their memory wiped off, they only remember they are from Jughead. The upcoming season will presumably solve the mystery of this inexplicable time travel.