Sex and the City reboot series And Just Like That… enter its production phase for season 2?

Sex and the City reboot series And Just Like That… confirmed to return for its second installment with Sarah Jessica Parker in the lead.

Sex And The City’s reboot series And Just Like That… is officially underway with its second season. The series lead actress Sarah Jessica Parker confirmed the news with a picture of the script of the upcoming season. She shared the snap of the script, identifying it was for ‘episode 201’, but she did not give away much as the title was scribbled out.

It was announced in 2021 by SJP, Cynthia Nixon and Kristin Davis that they will starring in the follow-up series to their hit nineties and naughties series. The original series ended with their characters settling down with their respective characters, Mr. Big (Carrie Bradshaw), Steve Brady (Miranda Hobbes), and Harry Goldenblatt (Charlotte York).

The first season of the new series showed Bradshaw navigating her life as a single fifty-something post the death of Mr. Big, Hobbes and Brady part their ways, and York bringing up her two children with her ever adorable partner.

It has not been an easy run for the reboot series as some of the critics has slammed the show to be clumsy and pushy with woke agenda. However, there are fans who are supportive and praised the show for its progressiveness as it addresses the issues such as gender identity, sexuality, racial sensitiveness and ageing. So the fans obviously are worried for the future of the series.

Has And Just Like That… renewed for season 2?

Yes! It was renewed by HBO Max for its second installment on March 21, 2022. The first season reached its end in February 2022 and before the confirmation of renewal, there were rumours that the fans will be treated with season two.

Did the filming for AJLT Season 2 started?

Parker stunned her fans when she was spotted wearing her iconic Vivienne Westwood wedding dress from the first movie of SATC around New York City, which clearly stated that the filming has began.