Somebody Feed Phil renewed: Release date, episodes, trailer and more for the upcoming season 7

Somebody Feed Phil renewed for season seven. Check out its anticipated release dates and plot details below.

The good news for the fans of Somebody Feed Phil is here as one of its longest running docuseries created by Emmy winner Phil Rosential will definitely return with its new season. It has been confirmed by Netflix and we here have summarised all the details you must be curious about regarding the upcoming season.

When will Somebody Feed Phil season 7 release?

The announcement about the renewal of the series is recent. It has hardly been a couple of days since the news of season two broke, so it might be too early for the streaming network to confirm its release date. However, if we were to predict the date, we can say that it can be expected to return during the mid months of 2023, with the likely timeframe being the month of May, similar to the prior season.

Speaking of the time, it is anticipated to air at the same time slot of 12:00 a.m. PT exclusively on Netflix, with new episodes dropping on the same day. Of course, this is just a prediction, any official statement will be awaited.

How many episodes will Somebody Feed Phil season 7 carry?

No details regarding the episodes in season seven of Somebody Feed Phil were revealed during the announcement of renewal. If we were to predict, we can expect that the upcoming season will have around 5 to 6 episodes with an average runtime of 46 to 63 minutes, similar to prior season. On the other, the episode titles and synopsis is not yet released by the streaming giant. We would advise fans to be patient as they will receive all the information in coming days.

Is there any new trailer/teaser for Somebody Feed Phil Season 7?

Nope! The streaming service has not yet released any trailer or teaser for its upcoming season and we suggest not to get hopes high for viewing one soon. It is expected that the trailer will be revealed, probably a month prior to the premier of season, which is not happening in the near future.

In the meantime, the fans can check out the season six which has received mostly positive reviews.