Tell Me Lies season: Here’s everything you need – Release date, plot, new cast members

Tell Me Lies season confirmed its second season and it expected to release in mid-2023. The season will further go into details of Lucy’s experience at college in presence of Stephen and will also experiment her relationship with Max. Following the whole summary of what to expect from the upcoming season of Tell Me Lies.

Tell Me Lies series, based on the novel of same name by Carola Lovering, has received a green light for its second season. It was pretty obvious considering that the first season ended on the cliffhanger with Lucy and Stephen attending the semester’s last party which changed everything. The cliffhanger has also prompted some fan theories on how the show’s plot will unfold.

When will Tell Me Lies Season 2 premier?

The fans who are eagerly waiting for the season 2 will have to wait a little longer as it won’t be hitting the streaming service in February 2023. The upcoming season was confirmed in November but since then, there is little to none acknowledgment of release date. Our prediction say that the series will come back sometime around mid-2023, just like the prior season. However, this is just a speculation as there is nothing official from the streaming service, Hulu.

Tell Me Lies Season 2 plot: What to expect?

The viewers are aware that even though Lucy Albright (Grace Van Patten) and Stephen DeMarco (Jackson White) began their relationship just like any other college romance, they quickly fall into an addictive entanglement that will permanently alter not only their lives but the lives of everyone around them.

The second season of Tell Me Lies is to continue from the party which Lucy and Stephen and hence changed everything for them which led to many questions and cliffhangers. The questions such as “Will Lucy settle with Max?” or “What is the rest of her experience with Stephen in college?” can be answered only in season 2. Currently Lucy is staying with Max which seems stable.

Who all cast members will reprise their role in Tell Me Lies Season 2?

Apart from Grace Van Patten as Lucy and Stephen DeMarco as Jackson White, the other cast members who will be making a comeback are Catherine Missal as Bree, Sonia Mena as Pippa, Spencer House as Wrigley, Branden Cook as Evan, Benjamin Wadsworth as Drew, and Alicia Crowder as Diana. Along with this, we are also expecting some characters to be introduced.