The Last Of Us episode 5 to stream early on HBO Max: Here’s why and what to expect from the upcoming episode

The Last Of Us to premier its fifth episode on Friday, February 10 for the subscribers of HBO Max.

The Last Of Us has managed to create its separate fan base and it has been dropping it’s episodes on weekly basis. The fans are eagerly anticipating the upcoming fifth episode and we have good news regarding the same. If you have subscribed to HBO Max, you can stream teh fifth episode two days earlier. The series will drop the upcoming episode on February 10th, Friday, on HBO On Demand before airing on the linear network at its usual time February 12th, Sunday.

This comes after HBO has witnessed sharp rise in the viewers with each new episode. Currently, the series sits at the second spot for highest viewership for a series debut for the network in a decade behind only Game Of  Thrones prequel House Of The Dragon. The Last Of Us has posted a record growth from a premier to episode 2. Its third episode has been described as the most emotional episode and it has also garnered over 6.4 million viewers, the highest for the series yet. It is expected that premiering the fifth episode early will capitalise on the series’ staggering popularity, though it won’t be continued as the remaining episodes will release on usual time i.e. Sunday.

The series is an adaption of game of the same name created by Naughty Dogs. It follows the story of Joel, played by Pascal Pedro, and Ellie, played by Bella Ramsey, as they are fighting to survive in a post-apocalyptic world. It also features Anna Torv, Nico Parker, Storm Reid, Merle Dandrige, Keivonn Woodard, Lamar Johnson, Graham Greene, and Elaine Miles alongside the original games’ two stars Ashley Johnson and Troy Baker.

In the upcoming episode, Melanie Lynskey and Jeffrey Pierce will be making their debut in the show with the former playing the role of Kathleen. She appears to be a major threat to Joel and Ellie as they try to avoid her and her men in the town as they tackle the Pittsburgh section of the game.

The series has been renewed for its second season already and it was no surprise, looking at the growing fan base. The future looks secured and it is expected that it will further foray into the same direction i.e. the second part of the game ‘The Last Of Us’.