The Old Man Season 2: Release date, cast, plot – Here’s everything you need to know about the upcoming season

The big question: Will the dogs be back? Will Jeff Bridges and John Lithgow return with The Old Man season 2? If you are one of the eager fans, keep reading.

The Old Man was not only one of the best new shows of the year, but it was also one of the most popular. The Hulu series had one of the biggest and the best debuts of 2022. It has been breaking records and without any doubt, Hulu is considering the series for Emmy nominations. The series is led by Oscar winner Jeff Bridges who plays the role of Dan Chase, a former CIA operative forced out of hiding when an old adversary comes looking for him for revenge.

Along with Dan is his friend and FBI Assistant Director Harold Harper, played by John Lithgow, who helps him capture the old adversary. The series is well written with lots of actions and twists at every turn. Such thriller action series has made the fans eager for its season two.

When will The Old Man Season 2 release?

It was renewed by FX for a second season in June, 2022, shortly after its third episode aired. Since then there has been no update regarding the release of the season 2. However, if we were to make a guess, we would predict the release of The Old Man season 2 by summer of 2023.

What will be The Old Man season 2 about?

While the official synopsis is not yet revealed, it is pretty evident that the season two will pick up from the finale of season one where Dan and Harald go out to save Angela/Emily, played by Alia Shawkat, who has been kidnapped by Faraz Hamzad.

Now that Dan and Harald are back together, we can expect that the creators will explore more of what happened with their characters in Afghanistan. You can also bet that Angela/Emily will who her real father is quickly. It was stated by Steinberg in an interaction with Deadline that “that’s coming pretty quickly for her.”

Which cast members will return for The Old Man Season 2?

It is certain that Jeff Bridges and John Lithgow will be back with their characters as Dan and Harald. Most of the main star cast will be reprising their roles except for the ones who did not make it out alive such as Agent Raymond Waters, played by E. J. Bonilla.

For the fans who are wondering the presence of Zoe, played by Amy Brenneman, in season two, need not worry for she is to return. Even though she was left by Dan to go after his daughter, Shotz says that Zoe will be back for the upcoming season and not only that but she also has quite an exciting story in season two.