Single Drunk Female Season 2: Check out the release date and plot for upcoming season

Looks like more $4 club sodas are coming right up..! Everything you need to know about Single Drunk Female Season 2.

We hate to burst your bubble if you are hoping that the new season of Single Drunk Female will be premiering soon. It seems that the fans anticipating the return of the series for quite some time, will have to wait a little longer. If you are one of the eager fans, you have arrived at the right as we have compiled everything – release date, plot, cast – for the upcoming season.

When will Single Drunk Female Season 2 release?

The season two of Single Drunk Female won’t be releasing in February 2023 but, on the brighter side, it is just a couple of more months of wait as the series will be dropped on Freeform on Wednesday, April 1, 2023. All the episodes will be available for streaming on Hulu from April 13, 2023 onwards.

What plot to expect from Single Drunk Female season 2?

The upcoming season is expected to expand the premises of Samantha’s path of moving past her worst to her best. The series follows the story of Samantha Fink who is fired from her job in New York and is forced to move back in with her over-bearing mother. The 20-something alcoholic is now busy figuring out what’s best for her while confronted with remnants of her old life, including run-ins with her perfect former best friend, who is now dating her ex.

The reports has suggested that in the next season Samantha is a year and half into being sober and finally feels like she has a life worth celebrating. However, she quickly realises that life has something else planned for her.

Which all cast members are expected to return for Single Drunk Female season 2?

The main cast from the season one will be reprising their roles for the upcoming season. It includes Sofia Black-D’Elia as Samantha Fink, Rebecca Henderson as Olivia, Sasha Compere as Brit, Lily Mae Harrington as Felicia, Ally Sheedy as Carol, and Garrick Bernard as James.

Additionally, Busy Philipps and Ricky Velez will be recurring as new people in Sam’s life. Her ex Joel, played by Charlie Hall, will also be recurring in the upcoming season. Ian Gomez has been escalated to series regular as Carol’s boyfriend, Bob.