Class Season 2: Will there be another season for Netflix teen age drama?

Netflix’s series Class receives overwhelming response from audience. The fans wonder if there will be new season for the Spanish adaption series.

If you are keeping up with the global catalogue of Netflix, you must be aware the its latest series Class is available to stream. It is no doubt that the viewers will binge-watch the whole series by the weekend. Although the series is an adaption of Spanish series ‘Elite’, which is also available on the streaming platform, the series has managed to bag a spot on the list of ‘Top 10 TV Shows’ on Netflix India.

The series has also made to the list of ‘Top 10’ of Bahrain, Maldives, Mauritius, Pakistan, Oman, the UAE, and Sri Lanka. With such a debut, it is pretty obvious that the viewers will wonder about its future and what to expect from it now.

Is Class renewed for Season 2 by Netflix?

As for February 2023, the streaming giant is yet to confirm the renewal of the teen drama. The first season premiered a few days back i.e. on February 3, so it might be too early to expect a confirmation regarding the renewal. The streaming networks usually takes into consideration a few statistical data based on viewership to decide the future of any show. However, since the Class seems to have made quite an impact on its debut, we can expect an official announcement by the network regarding the renewal for season two.

When will Class Season 2 release?

As mentioned earlier, the series is not yet confirmed for its season two. As a result, no date has been stated for its return. However, if the show is to renew in the next few weeks, we can expect that the potential release will be around 2024, as early renewal results in production starting on a timed schedule, resulting in a similar year gap with the next installments.

Additionally, similar to other shows by Netflix, it is expected that the episodes will premier on the streaming platform at 12.00 a.m. PT or 3.00 a.m. ET.

What to expect from season 2 of Class?

Its far too early to get the synopsis for the anticipated upcoming season of Class. If the series is to return with another season, it is to pick up from the finale of season one, which showed us the event which unraveled the events of Suhani’s death.

Sharan inadvertently murders Suhani following a heated argument with her involvement with Koel’s father watches. He wanted to retrieve the watches in order to prove his worth to Koel. On the other hand, Koel consoles Sharan and summons her father to handle the situation. Neeraj is arrested by police post interrogation. Later, Dheeraj becomes frustrated as he could not figure in which prison his brother was lodged. We have limited information post these events and there are still many questions which are to be answered.