Happy Valley: Will there be season 4 for crime drama or will it be a new series?

The crime drama series Happy Valley has gripped its audience with its third season. Fans are eager to learn about the future of their favourite series.

Happy Valley has turned out to be one of the greatest British show as it has not only gripped TV fans in the United Kingdom but all over the world. The series led by Sarah-Lancashire returned to the screens of UK after almost six years of hiatus with its third season. The series has once again received critical acclaim proving it was worth the wait. No wonder that the fans are already eager to learn about the future of Happy Valley.

Will there be Happy Valley Season 4?

If you are hoping that Happy Valley will have a fourth season, we would have burst your bubble, but there won’t be any upcoming seasons. Those who have followed the series since the days that it first aired its first season will know that creator Sally Wainwright always envisioned Catherine Cawood’s story as three-season arc.

Moreover, as per Radio Times, executive producer Will Johnson, at a screening for the series, confirmed that there were no plans for fourth season as Sarah and Sally believe that “you can have too much of a good thing.”

It is understandable that they would like the show to go off-air when its on its peak as with every new episode, they have managed to grip the audiences. While Catherine’s job could have given the potential for the series to produce more season with format like other crime drama, the thing that separates Happy Valley from all others is to know when to bring the show’s story to an end. We would all agree that it better to leave when you’re at your peak rather than experiencing the fall.