Heartland: Check out the details for season 17th for CBC’s family drama

Is CBC’s Heartland cancelled or renewed for new season?

The fans who tuned into the 16th season of Heartland are aware that there are many questions to be answered. The season showcased how Peter and Lou take their relationship to next step while Jack face the truth about his feud with Al Cotter. This ending alone has left the viewers wondering if the series will return with new episodes.

Is Heartland renewed for season 17th?

The last episode of the sixteenth season released on CBC just a few days ago, so it would be pretty hasty to ask for confirmation over renewal for its next season. It is unusual for any major network to announce the renewal this soon, so we would suggest the fans to wait for the official statement because the previous season had some major loopholes that went unanswered, leading to more curiosity and anticipation over what happens next.

It takes times to reach the decision on whether to renew the series or not. This is because the network has to consider the evaluation about the viewership of the series.

Heartland season 17: What plot to expect?

We are not sure what the creators have for its viewers but we are certain that the family drama would not let you down. Furthermore we have limited information about the new episodes and if you wish to avoid spoiler, we would suggest you stop reading here.

We have gathered some of the most commonly asked questions such as, what is the current dating status of Amy. It was revealed in season 16 and it is not long before she meets someone delightful. Will Tim and Jessica proceed to next step in their relationship and buy a house? Peter and Lou might remarry and Katie and Logan might develop feelings for one another, which can be addressed.

Who all cast members are expected to return in Heartland season 17?

The original cast members who are expected to reprise their role includes Amber Marshall as Amy Fleming, Michelle Morgan as Lou Fleming, Shaun Johnston as Jack Bartlett, Chris Potter as Tim Fleming, and Alisha Newton as Georgie Fleming-Morris.

Moreover, some of the recurring cast members who are expected to reprise their roles are Gabriel Hogan as Peter Morris, Jessica Steen as Lisa Stillman, Jordan Burtchett as Quinn McGregor, Kerry James as Caleb Odell, Ruby and Emmanuella Spencer as Lyndy Borden.