Sex Education, Elite, Virgin River among the Netflix series which are nearing their end

Its better to die a hero than to live enough to see yourself become villain. The same thing goes for some of the Netflix content which we believe is overstaying their welcome. Sex Education, Virgin River, and Elite are some of the series which we feel are nearing the end.

We are just one month into the New Year and Netflix is already making headlines for its content. The new year will bring multiple cancellations and exciting renewal. The previous was a pretty good year as the streaming giant delivered some huge success which included Ginny & Georgia, the series which has already bagged a renewal. The current will also be a successful one as Netflix has some most anticipated shows premiering such as The Witcher, You, Outer Banks, and Shadow and Bone.

But beyond our excitement over the shows that are returning this year, we also wonder which all shows will be getting scrapped. Although the series’ creators have not yet officially confirmed its last season but we feel that they are heading towards an end in near future.

Sex Education

Sex Education is one of the most loved and popular shows of Netflix which makes it difficult to bid adieu, but the forth coming season seems like its last installment. No wonder that the protagonist Otis and Maeve have charmed us with their chemistry but with the actors getting older each year, it makes it difficult for them to play the role of high school kids. Moreover the shakeups in the casting.

In case you have missed it, the reports have suggested that several actors would be leaving the hit series including Bridgerton star Simone Ashley, along with Patricia Allison and Tanya Reynolds. Yes, the show can continue with their absence but the fact that they have departed signals that the cast is ready to move on.

On the other hand, the series will also witness a new addition as Dan Levy has been enrolled for season 4. The upcoming season’s release date is not yet confirmed, but it will premier sometime in 2023.


To be honest, I was surprised to learn that the streaming giant renewed the series for seventh season. No doubt that the series has been one of the flagship product for Netflix during its early seasons, but by the sixth season, the storyline seems to have been stale. For those who are enjoying the steamy Spanish-language teen drama, I’m genuinely happy for you but, personally, it seems that the plot has gone too far long.

In Elite season 7, the whole cast of the series will be completely different as only one actor Omar Ayuso will be reprising his role of Omar Shanaa. Depending on how the seventh season is received, there’s probably a good chance that the show will be scrapped.

Netflix has yet not announced the release date of Elite season 7, but it is expected to be out sometime this year.

Virgin River

Virgin River may not be among the list of favourites but it is obviously entertaining. Netflix’s romantic series can be addicting for some of the die hard fans but with the show entering its fifth season in 2023, it seems that there is none potential of growth left with the show. The fans might never agree to it as they can watch anything for their favourite series but it won’t harm anyone if the show ends after its fifth season.

The last season was not as strong as the early ones and the stakes weren’t as high. Plus, it’s getting sillier and sillier by the season. Being said all this, given the show’s popularity, it won’t be a surprise if the streaming giant decides to renew it for season six.

Virgin River will release its season five this year, but the exact dates are not yet revealed.