Sex Education: Emma Mackey hints at season 4 being her last season as Maeve Wiley

Sex Education’s Emma Mackey who plays the role of Maeve Wiley hints at leaving the show sooner than expected.

Sex Education actor Emma Mackey, who portrays the role of Maeve Wiley on the hit series, hints at leaving the show post the upcoming season 4. The series follows Otis, a teenager whose mother is a sex therapist which provides him knowledge to differentiate between the myths and facts about sex. He teams up with Maeve to run an underground sex clinic at their high school where they help the students with the different sexual issues. The show has a unique set of characters, each navigating sex and love in high school, with the series approaching the subject with sincerity and humour. Apart from Emma, the star cast includes Asa Butterfield, Ncuti Gatwa, Aimee Lou Wood, Gillian Anderson and Connor Swindells.

In an interaction with Total Film, Mackey opens up about Sex Education and her possibility of leaving the show. She cited that the actors are of way more age than they portray on screen. She stated, “You Know, we’re playing 17-year-olds, and we-re all almost 30, it is a bit weird. It’s a blessing because it is a launchpad, and it is something that has given us opportunities in different ways but it’s something that I want to gracefully exit from.” She further added that the show has been like a literal school, so they can take the learning with them as move on, and it has made them stronger.

Sex Education has had a successful run for its three season and the fourth season will soon come to conclude its production stage. It is expected that the upcoming season will be a lot different as many of the characters such as Simone Ashley, Patricia Allison, Tanya Reynolds, and Rakhee Thakar are not returning. Moreover, one of the fan favourite character Eric, played by Gatwa, has also recently hinted that he might leave the show post season 4.

Gatwa’s departure comes after he bags the role in Doctor Who, where he will be playing the Fifteenth Doctor. With departures of star characters such as Eric and Maeve, the fate of the series and the possibility of Sex Education season 5 hangs by a thread.