Stranger Things 5: Take a look at some of the theories that might come true

Amid the buzz around Stranger Things season 5, the fans have come up with variety of theories of what to expect in final season.

Currently, there are number of theories making round on the internet amid the buzz of Stranger Things season 5. This comes after its season 4 ended with cliffhanger and leaving Hawkins in grave danger. The season also showed the vulnerable side of Max and showed that not only is on the list of Vecna but also that she is at great danger. Now we have compiled few of the theories which we believe might come true.

Max is still trapped with Vecna

While the season 4 showed that Max narrowly escapes the claws of Vecna, theory says that her consciousness can still be in coma, meaning she died and is likely stuck in the Upside Down with Vecna. This means that, if Max’s soul or mind is trapped in the Upside Down, the whole scene of Kate Bush “Running up that Hill” in season 4, was of no relevance. Moreover, when Henry killed the kids at the lab, he inferred that his victims stay with him in his mind.

Reddit u/chilicheesedoggo poses that “Eleven will have to go into Henry’s mind to get Max’s soul back.” It seems that Eleven might have to enter Henry’s mind to save soul or mind of Max from Vecna. If she manages to enter Henry’s mind, she might be able to bring him down along with the Upside Down, but will have to put her life in danger.

Henry is Eleven’s father

Henry/Number One was Dr. Brenner’s first subject and is at the age where he could possibly be Eleven’s biological father. Moreover, it was only Eleven’s power which were similar to Henry, this could be because they are biologically related.

While the Duffer brothers have revealed the name of Eleven’s father’s biological name Andrew Rich, that is all is what known about him. Eleven’s biological mother is Terry Ives, but Stranger Things is known for not properly introducing a biological father. Eleven has also had father figures before in Dr. Brenner and Hopper. If the theory turns out to be true, it will be even more conflicting for Eleven to face her own father.

Max will become a puppet of the Upside Down

If Max wakes up from coma, there are chances that either Vecna or some other villain from the Upside Down might take over her body. The Upside Down has a history of taking over people’s bodies and forcing them into doing horrific things. If you recall, Max’s older brother Billy was controlled by evil forces in Hawkins, so she may suffer the same fate.

Despite of it being a pretty sad for Max to die the same way as her brother, it will bring the series in a full circle. The Duffer Brothers has stated that the final season will be the darkest season, yet, Max might be one of the victims who die in the last season.

Will will destroy the Upside Down

Since Will created the portal between the real world and the Upside Down, it is his destiny to end it. He can sense Vecna’s presence and he also confirmed that Mind Flayer wanted to kill everyone but him.

Moreover, the Duffer brother has stated that the final season will have Will play a big part. Events might not be kind for Will and he might die while destroying the Upside Down as he is destined to die in the Upside Down.

Eleven will sacrifice herself

One of the most believable theories is that Eleven, played by Millie Bobby Brown, will sacrifice herself in the final season to save her friends and everyone else. After all it was Eleven who created the Upside Down to trap Henry and Vecna has made it clear that he will stop at nothing to destroy Hawkins and will keep coming for Eleven. So, as long as Eleven is around, there always will be danger.

In season three, Hopper sacrificed himself, or at least looked like it, for the sake of everyone else’s safety. Eleven looks up to Hopper as her father figure so might not hesitate to walk into the steps of her father.

Eleven’s death would be a sad conclusion but if you think about it, she will always be remembered as a hero. What’s better for a hero to have a heroic death in a quest to save the world?