The Orville Season 4: Check out the release date and plot for the potential upcoming season

Will The Orville be renewed for new season. The third season seemed pretty much the final season but do the series have more to explore? Check out more.

From a throwaway Star Trek parody to one of the best sci-fi shows ever, The Orville has grown tremendously across its first three seasons. The third season titled New Horizons came to an end which makes the wonder about the future of the series.

As of February 2023, there has been no official announcement regarding the renewal of the series but according to its creator Seth MacFarlane, there’s a 50:50 chance that a renewal could still come.

The Orville Season 4: When will the potential series air?

At the moment, there has been no update regarding the confirmation of season 4. We do know that MacFarlane and his team is already on standby and is ready to get back to shooting as soon as they get green light.

If the renewal comes in soon, then we might expect the new season to hit the network during the early months of 2024. The prediction has been made considering that MacFarlane is a busy person with his other shows in pipeline, the production might take longer than the usual 12-18 months.

The Orville Season 4: Which cast members will be in it?

It is expected that if the series is to return with its fourth installment, some of its character who obviously made it alive towards the end, which eliminates Ensign Charly Burke, played by Anne Winters, will return with their characters.

  • Seth MacFarlane as Cpatain Edward “Ed” Mercer
  • Adrinanne Palicki as Commander Kelly Grayson
  • Penny Johnson Jerald as Dr Claire Finn
  • Peter Macon as Lieutenant Bortus
  • J Lee as Lieutenant Commander John LaMarr
  • Jessica Szaohr as Lieutenant Commander Talla Keyali
  • Scott Grimes as Lieutenant Gordon Malloy
  • Mark Jackson as Isaac
  • Giorgia Whigham as Lysella

The Orville Season 4: What storyline to expect?

In many ways, the finale of season three could be the last of the series as the season answered a lot of unanswered questions and resolved many issues, including the Kaylon war, and Claire’s marriage to Isaac.

However, there is always space for more story. If we were to think of exploring more, we would suggest that the story behind Lysella has only just begun.